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Advantage Marvel

Art Education
Whether you are a novice at art appreciation or are an art patron, Marvel welcomes you to explore the world of Indian Contemporary Art and have conversations with curators to understand art better. Once you share your contact details, updates with regards to shows, collections, new artworks, launches, offers and much more will be shared regularly to enhance your perspective of Indian art.
Art Authentication
Marvel endorses only authentic artworks and thoroughly checks every artwork before displaying it. With every purchase the buyer receives an authentication certificate from the gallery, which is essential for selling artwork in secondary markets.
Art Acquisition
if the buyer wants to match the artworks with the décor and space design, then the artworks are also available for trial basis for a limited period (T&C apply). The artwork sold by the gallery is thoroughly checked, framed in-house and packed methodically before it is dispatched. Furthermore, the client is also guided with maintenance tips for the purchased artworks.
Art investment
For clients who want to build an art investment portfolio, the gallery acts as an advisor and provides consultation regarding the best art investment options that fit their budgets. The gallery also guarantees fixed return on investment on select artworks. Every buyer is also sent periodic updates regarding appreciated value of the purchased artworks. If you plan to sell your art investments, the gallery acts as a consultant to ensure good returns as well as multiple options in secondary markets (T&C apply). Marvel’s experience in art investment and strategic planning safeguards your interest as an investor and makes your investments in art safe and secure.
Art initiatives
To make art affordable and accessible to all, artworks are available on EMIs at 0% interest and no processing charges. Marvel has ‘Buy Back’ options wherein the gallery buys back artworks sold to clients (T&C apply). Hence providing clients an opportunity to enjoy benefits of appreciated value of artworks. Under the ‘Art Exchange’ option, the gallery creates a secondary art market for Marvel’s clients to sell the invested artworks.
Art Awards
Marvel is associated with the finest of young and renowned artists and promotes their works. Additionally, Marvel has won several national and international awards for producing finest quality serigraphs and for its contribution to Indian Contemporary Art scenario. .

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