Dhanvi Rasiklal Shah

Marvel Art Gallery Pvt. Ltd. & Marvel Graphic Studio

Mr. Dhanvi Shah is one of the best professionals in India for silk-screen reproductions. He was conferred with “Print Bhushan” by the OPA (Offset Printers Association) Ludhiana, in 2012, for contribution towards the Indian printing industry. In 2013, he was given the “National Awards for Excellence in Printing – Star Award” at the 60th AIFMP Golden Jubilee Celebrations by the All India Federation of Master Printers in Chennai.

Mr. Dhanvi Shah’s entrepreneurship journey is an inspiring story of growing from limited means to creating a national art brand. He started his career by launching an import-export business but soon joined a screen-printing unit in the early 1980’s. With commitment and hard work he soon rose to a leadership position at the screen-printing company and spearheaded it to make it a brand in the screen printing industry. In this span of about 25 years, Mr. Dhanvi Shah was constantly surrounded by a pool of talented artists, which developed his vision for fine arts and beyond.

Thus in 2004, he plunged into the Fine Arts business by establishing the Marvel Art Gallery to take Indian modern and contemporary art forward. He invested in more than 100 senior and upcoming artists to promote them nationally and internationally and soon he became a pioneer in the Fine Art industry. He created art awareness in Ahmedabad, thereby introducing the society to different forms of fine arts. Furthermore he encouraged an environment of fine arts with several art-exhibitions and art activities.

His mantra ‘Art for all’ changed the traditional mindset that art is meant only for the elite. He consciously made art affordable by launching Marvel Graphic Studio, which reproduces quality fine art silk-screen prints of Indian masters whose original works are priced at gold. He deployed his specialized skills in screen-printing techniques to transform original masterpieces into limited editions – signed by the artist, which are affordable and at the same time are a great investment. The silk-screen reproductions produced under his guidance have won many awards including National Awards, PrintWeek India Awards, Fespa Awards and Quality Brands to name a few. These reproductions have been auctioned at international auctions as well and are privately owned by many museums and art patrons.

Mr. Dhanvi Shah also introduced path-breaking initiatives such as buyback of artwork and guaranteed return on art-investment. As a visionary entrepreneur, Mr. Dhanvi Shah strives to make Marvel Art Gallery and Marvel Graphic Studio as platforms that promote Indian artists globally and create awareness of art in terms of social and cultural tool. Apart from heading Marvel Art Gallery and Marvel Graphic Studio, he also looks into his construction business under the company named Marvel Procon Pvt. Ltd. In his past time, he engages in philanthropic activities and has constructed a Jain Temple in the name of ‘Chandana – Chaitya Dham’ and has set the foundation of Marvel Art Foundation.