Started with a vision of ‘Art for all’, Marvel has introduced many initiatives to convert this vision into reality. The perception that art is for a select few had to be changed by taking dramatic measures, which ensure that art ownership is within the reach of many. These initiatives are aimed at making art financing easy and providing buyers a guarantee of secondary markets for their art purchase.


To celebrate our artists and collection, we offer Marvel’s patrons an opportunity to revamp their serigraph collection. We invite you to participate in our #SerigraphSwap initiative. Swap your old serigraphs with the new ones from our entire collection.

Enjoy your new walls! Happy collecting!

Terms and Conditions for #SerigraphSwap:

#BirthdayArt: Collect memories!

Birthdays are special! Everyone wants their birthday to be unique and extraordinary. What do we do on our birthdays? Generally, we make it memorable by hanging out with friends or families for movies, food, party, shopping and more, in a way celebrating it with all kind of happiness that one can think of. In our busy lives, most of them do not have time to think over unique ideas to celebrate and make their own birthday memorable. Well, what if we offer you something exclusive that you can cherish on your each birthday?

We understand the significance of making each birthday uniquely unforgettable and for the same we introduce an exclusive initiative by Marvel Art Gallery as ‘#BirthdayArt: Collect memories! whereby we offer special consideration of 20% on all artworks which includes all artists and mediums that you purchase from Marvel. And yes, this is not a limited period offer.

Collecting art on your birthday is celebration of life in different way. Buying art on your birthday doesn’t necessarily mean spending lots of money or buying any celebrated artist to rejoice it or have a memory of your birthday. It can be something as simple as a cute little artwork that matches your cultural taste. It should enhance your life and your mind and it is the process of collecting art that becomes memorable!

With this initiative we wish to make it a tradition amongst the people to appreciate art by collecting Art. This #BirthdayArt stays with you for lifetime - moments behind the artwork and the story the art conveys which connects your life. Hence, gradually you can collect your favourite artwork and with that you can have an impressive collection that you and others can be proud of. Marvel has been part of several family walls and collection since a decade now and we wish to be part of your personal life forever.

There are no particular terms and conditions but a little note of transparency is always better.

  • Age: As they say there is no age in collecting good art. We would encourage collecting art starting from the new born babies to adults.
  • Valid ID card or birth certificate.
  • In certain case, a person can gift to her/his children, spouse, and parents but in that case the name of the invoice will be of the person who is celebrating his or her birthday.
  • This initiative is imprinted to make Art Collecting a tradition and memorable experience!


“Back days, while I was still in college, I had wished to invest in a Husain serigraph and A emerging artist’s original painting. However, due to lack of fund to pay at once and investment, I had to push back my dream. And it was only after one year that I was able to buy and fulfill my dream to own a superb artwork in my room. I still remember how difficult it was for me to save that money and with so much difficulty. Time has still not changed. At present , with my survey I find many friends telling me that they like art but don’t have money to invest in or don’t earn much to able to invest in but they appreciate art and once they have enough balance they would surely buy art. So, I decided to turn out a scheme for youth. I want every young man or woman who loves art - should afford art. Not waiting for enough fund and wasting time instead immediately acquire the piece of art they admire and love the most.” - Chaitya Dhanvi Shah, Curator and Managing Director, Marvel Art Gallery

Anyone, irrespective of any profession or age group (above 18 years) can buy our artworks of famous artists from our art gallery.

Why invest in art
  • Appreciation of art
  • Cultural significance
  • Home décor
  • Good return on long term investment
  • One can enjoy art by displaying on walls instead of locking it in bank safe or transferring it to demat accounts.
EMI Period
Max. 25 months
For eg: if a painting costs INR 25,000 then the installment would be 1,000 per month or if a painting is worth 1 lac then the installment will get divided into 25 months, which comes to 4,000 per month.
VAT is payable as down payment along with first installment at the time of purchase. If a painting is of 25,000, 15% VAT comes to 28,750, then buyer has to pay 4,750 [1,000 ( first installment) + 3,750 (15% VAT)] at the time of purchase.
No interest on EMI, no file charges or processing charges, you can buy a painting at actual cost.
Buyer has to produce documents regarding residence proof, salary and other related documents, along with 25 post dated cheques at the time of purchase. Once the above procedure is complete, the buyer can immediately take the painting away with him/her and enjoy the masterpiece.
Terms & Conditions
After paying first 3 installments - If the buyer fails to pay 3 installments either in row or alternative months till first 12 months then Marvel Art Gallery is liable to take the painting back and the buyer is borne to pay all the expenses for – to and fro of bringing the artwork back, if any damage from his side while the painting was with him and any legal formalities. He is not entitled to get any refund from Marvel Art Gallery.

If after 12 installments, the buyer is unable to pay the EMI regularly or not willing to pay then Marvel Art Gallery shall take back the work by deducting 50% of the original purchase cost. If the buyer wishes to sell the artwork after 25 installments – Marvel Art Gallery may purchase the work after deducting 30% on the current market rate. The selling of work or buying back of work completely depends on the buyer and gallery’s decision. Nor the buyer is entitled to sell nor is Marvel Art Gallery entitled to buy back. It is just an option and service which the gallery provides and is completely optional.

Buyer cannot sell the painting to anyone unless he/ she clears all 25 EMIs.

Buyer shall only get the clearance certificate, authentication certificate and invoice of the work purchased once the 25 EMI’s are paid off. Till then the painting will considered as Marvel Art Gallery’s property.

Buyer cannot reproduce the painting in any which format nor he can sell the painting to anyone. Strict legal actions will be followed if the copyright rule is violated as mentioned in T & C.

The Art Exchange

Started with a vision of ‘Art for all’, Marvel has introduced many initiatives to convert this vision into reality. The perception that art is for a select few had to be changed by taking dramatic measures, which ensure that art ownership is within the reach of many. These initiatives are aimed at making art financing easy and providing buyers a guarantee of secondary markets for their art purchase.

What is ‘THE ART EXCHANGE’ all about?

We surveyed about 100 people who are associated with the art market, coming from different backgrounds, different professions, different age groups and experiences. These people were asked – “Why people show less interest in buying art?” And we happened to find out two very common and interesting answers, which are:

  • Art is Expensive (So, we initiated with the scheme called ‘Art for Youth’ which gives art to young art lovers on a genuine EMI scheme)
  • Lack of resale market for artworks


After evaluating the results, we reached to a conclusion that we should start an event to promote the resale of artworks. For putting up the show every year, we have worked on various aspects to successfully launch this show:

  • The place to sell your artworks
  • A service to help you sell the former artworks and buy new artworks
  • It is just like stock exchange, where a buyer can do trading of stocks, bonds and other securities with other stock brokers and traders.
  • It will certainly be a first-of-its-kind initiative in the India or elsewhere. This will help in creating curiosity among art lovers and also bring in together the buyers where they can share their interests in other collectors’ artworks.
  • The whole idea is to create a secondary market. A market for buying and selling. Not waiting for years to sell or go to auctions. As the years will progress, this event will gain more popularity as it will help selling and gain liquidity much faster.
  • At times it happens when – the buyer is left out with its former artwork, even when he would like to buy a new art piece in the exchange of the artwork cherished by him over years. And, he may not be able to do so in the lack of funds, knowledge or market. This platform can be a boon for him who is intending to buy a new artwork.
  • This will help in creating awareness of art amongst people.


Role of Marvel Art Gallery
Marvel Art Gallery provides a platform / additional service to its esteemed clients. The gallery does not take any kind of guarantee of the sale of the artwork. It is an effort towards the promotion of art. The Gallery shall charge certain commission against the sale; it shall do for the seller. We wish to make it an annual event, given the support of the buyers and sellers.
Selection Process
  • All forms of artworks such as Originals, Reproductions (Limited editions) and Sculptures are considered.
  • Artworks purchased from Marvel Art Gallery & Marvel Graphic Studio will only be entitled to be showcased.
  • All artworks are for sale. Sellers, intending to put up the works on ‘Not for Sale’ basis shall not be considered.
  • A maximum of two paintings per client will be allowed for the show.
  • The show will feature limited number of artworks, so the interested sellers will be considered on the first come first basis. Once the number of entries reaches the maximum number (decided to exhibit), new entries won’t be considered.
Time Span
  • The sellers will have to give their artworks two months prior to the show.
  • The work shall be returned one month after the show is over.
Condition of the Artworks
All works will be thoroughly inspected by Marvel Art Gallery. If the Gallery does not find the artwork in satisfactory and standard conditions of sale, it has the right to reject the artwork.
Price Estimates
  • Each artwork will be displayed for sale.
  • Each artwork will be priced in INR only.
  • Price estimates do not include the seller’s premium or any additional charges, such as shipping, insurance, taxes etc. as applicable.
Reserve Price
  • The seller cannot quote the price more than the current market value. The price should be either equal to the current market value or lower than the current market value.
  • All artworks will have a fixed reserve price.
  • The reserve price is fixed as the minimum price at which the artwork will be sold.
  • The reserve price will be decided by the seller.
  • No artwork will be sold below its reserve price.
  • The reserve price will be strictly confidential between the seller and the Gallery.
The identity of the buyer and the seller shall remain strictly confidential.
Viewing of the Artworks
  • A special code number is given to each work, which should be used as a reference.
  • The works can be seen physically on the mentioned date, time and venue.
  • The works can be seen online at
  • Images can be sent through a personalized email (on request).
Authentication Certificate
  • The seller is required to present/submit the invoice and certificate before the approval of the artwork to be displayed in the show.
  • The buyer shall get the Invoice and Authentication Certificate from Marvel Art Gallery.
Seller’s Premium
The seller will be charged 15% on the work sold by Marvel Art Gallery. The premium is calculated on the selling price of the artwork.
Delivery of Artworks
  • The seller has to bear the expenses for transporting the artwork at Marvel Art Gallery.
  • Marvel Art Gallery takes the responsibility of the artworks only till the time of its possession at Marvel Art Gallery.
  • The price of the artworks does not include any packaging or forwarding charges, all will be borne by the buyer. All the cost shall be charged on the actual basis.
  • All the works shall be collected from Marvel Art Gallery, Ahmedabad.
Duties & Taxes
  • 15% VAT shall be applicable on the artwork ( For originals) and 5% VAT ( for prints) which is to be paid by the buyer. (within India)
  • No VAT shall be applied on international sales.
  • 2% shall be charged if the buyer has Form ‘C’ (out of Gujarat state)
Terms & Conditions of Payment
  • Buyers will be required to pay 50% in advance at the time of booking the artwork and the remaining 50% within 7 working days, once the buyer receives the invoice via email or physically at the given address.
  • If the booking is cancelled due to any reason, the advance payment shall not be refunded.
  • Payments are to be made in INR only.
  • Cheque is to be made in favour of: Marvel Art Gallery, payable at Ahmedabad. Wire transfer: Details shall be given on request.
Delivery / Collection of Purchase
  • The purchase of the artworks will be given within 7 working days from the date of remaining 50% payment is made. If any delay, the buyer shall be informed via email, text, phone or facebook.
  • Please take prior appointment in case of taking the delivery from Marvel Art Gallery.
  • Buyers may select the option to deliver the artworks at their place by the Gallery. In such cases, the artwork will be delivered within 15 days after the payment is made. The cost of courier will be borne by the buyer.
  • The Gallery will take utmost care during transportation. However, in case of any damage during transportation, the Gallery doesn’t take any kind of responsibility for the same.
  • No responsibility shall attach to the Gallery for any delay or damage in transit due to breakdown, strike, accident, fire or other occurrence, which is beyond the control of the Gallery.
The seller has to give the rights/permission to Marvel Art Gallery for publishing / other use of the artwork image/ artwork for any promotional activities it undertakes for the show.
Law & Jurisdiction
The conditions for the sale are subject to the Laws of India. All parties are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

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