Serigraphs are created using a manual silk screen-printing process and depending upon the number of colours in the original painting, 25 – 45 separate screens are prepared and the process of printing is repeated. The idea of serigraphs originates from the fact that an original artwork is always available in single unit and has an appreciated value. To make this artwork available to more people at affordable prices, serigraphs are created with the consent of the artist.

At Marvel, serigraphs are created with the same passion and efforts that the artist puts into his or her artwork. Each serigraph is signed and numbered by the artist to ensure its authenticity and maintain its limited edition value. Moreover, Marvel also issues a certificate of authenticity with every serigraph. At Marvel, only limited edition serigraphs are created. Hence, when the demand of serigraphs increases and the supply of prints available in the market decreases, the value of serigraphs will appreciate based on the quality of the serigraph and repute of the artist.